December 25, 2020

Responding to different variety of needs
Bicycle Chain
1.Rustproof treated Hi-Guard
(E) obtainable
two. Lightest with the exact same size versions
Tiny Pitch Chain
1.Ultra-precise chain
two. 4.7625 mm pitch available
3. For high-tech machines
Engine Mechanism Chain
1.Camshaft drive timing chain
2.Drive chain of attached units
(oil pumps and so forth)
three.For substantial efficiency engines
Silent Chain
one.Great engaging structure
2.High-speed powerful tensile transmission possible
three.Substantial noise reduction
Silent Chain
one.Greater durability compared
to SC
2.Larger noise reduction compared to SC
Agricultural Roller Chain
1.Extremely dress in resistant
2.Remarkably heavy-load resistant
three.Extremely shock load resistant
BS Roller Chain(ISO B-series roller chain)
1.Complying with ISO “B series”standard
two.Complying with the British and German Requirements
3.Sprockets comply with all the British Conventional.
Leaf Chain
1.Composed of pins and plates only.
2.Higher strength in comparison with roller chains
3.Two sorts are available: AL and BL.
Furthermore to basic chains, we also manufacture quite a few chains designed for specific applications such as bicycle chains and motorcycle chains.
Some specialty chains might be engaged with typical sprockets. Wear resistant properties of general chains are integrated while in the specifications of each style of specialty chains.
Specialty chains are classified as follows:
?Bicycle Chain
?Compact Pitch Chain
?Engine Mechanism Chain
?Silent Chain
?Agricultural Chain
?Leaf Chain
?BS form Roller Chain (British Regular Roller Chain)

Bicycle Chain
Bicycle chains are emblematic on the DID brand, and we were founded originally for your production of bicycle chains. They’ve got been made use of in lots of bicycles manufactured in Japan and around the world nations.
Just lately, our Hi Guard Chain (E) with an extra rust preventive treatment has favorable track record by customers. The bicycle chains are constantly examined and enhanced in functionality, high quality and specs as noticed in the availability of recent merchandise. As a end result, these are the lightest and most compact chains among goods with the similar dimension. Presently, they may be made use of not just for bicycles but for a lot of functions this kind of since the driving of vending machines and agricultural implements and for conveyor techniques.