December 22, 2020

Seamless High-precision Solid Bushings Stop Chain Elongation
Solid Bushing chain is highly wear-resistant applying cold formed reliable bushings using a seamless smooth surface and total roundness.
This is actually the popular sort amid the Ultimate Life Chain Series with its enhanced grease retention concerning the bushing as well as pin.
The solid bushings and our patented V grease lengthen the dress in life from up to four instances compared to conventional roller chains. We recommend you to adopt this reliable bushing chain if you’re wishing to cut back the frequency of upkeep.
Advised uses
?For strengthening wear resistance while retaining the merits of conventional roller chains.
?For Circumstances exactly where chain elongation occurs frequently or lubrication is tricky.
¡êaWear resistance is often additional enhanced when DH-|¨¢ coating pins are employed.
Collection of chains
The strength of the solid bushing chain could be the same as that of regular roller chains. For selecting an appropriate chain, refer to “Selection of Chains”.
Connecting back links and offset links
R connecting links are utilised for DID 60 or smaller chains, and C connecting hyperlinks are utilised for DID 80 or greater chains. As for offset back links, 2POJ is used for DID 25 and DID 35, and both OJ and 2POJ might be utilised for greater sizes. Regular offset back links could be applied.
The dimensions from the strong bushing chain will be the similar as people in the regular roller chain. The regular sprocket may be employed.