January 29, 2021

Extra Specialty Coupling Forms
Stainless Steel
Nylon Sleeves
High Pace RAHS Form
Brake Drum FBD and FBW Sorts
Insulated FI Style
Vertical Floating Shaft FVFS Style
F Style Cutout Shifter FCS Type

Mill Motor FAMM Sort
Very first hub created with longer universal hub on 1 end to accommodate straight or tapered shafts
Second hub bored to customer specs
Standard design accommodates AISE Mill Motor frame sizes
Sleeves and second hub are normal

Single engagement FAFR Style
Single engagement (‘FFR’ Flex-Rigid) accommodates angular misalignment only and is ideal for floating shaft applications

Standard FA Style
Double engagement (‘F’ flex-flex) for parallel and angular misalignment
Sector typical flange bolt patterns